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Monday, October 29, 2007


Avon Valley Field Archers ABA 28/10/07

A hot humid day, so somewhat draining on the shooters.

Members scores

Peter Franklin 384+390=774
Jeff Jennings 372+380=752
David Franklin 324+360=684
Tim Vigenser 346+324=670
Andrew Martin 302+274=576
Barbara Vigenser 298+236=534
John Martin 268+196=464
Peter Smith 248+210=458
Jayden Huckstadt 230+146=376
Michael Greenaway 206+170=376
Fran Martin 204+84=288

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Avon Valley Field Archers ABA 14/10/07

Quite a warm day with little or no wind.

Not enough members to warrant setting up the scheduled IFAA round, so we opted for an ABA.

Peter Franklin 388+388=776
Jeff Jennings 376+370=746
Michael Greenaway 220+230=450

Andrew Jennings 356+326=682
Brendan Pearce 282+212=494
James Pearce 232+224=456

We hope Andrew, Brendan and James had a pleasant day, and we look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks time.

Don't forget that October the 28th. is the Club's annual general meeting - to be held at the range.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Avon Valley Field Archers ABA 23/9/07

Only 3 members completed the ABA round yesterday.

Peter Franklin 394+386=780
David Franklin 376+382=758
Michael Greenaway 270+152=422

The next shoot is an IFAA round scheduled for Sunday 14th October.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 28th October after an ABA round.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Branch E IFAA Championships at Avon Valley

Results of the Branch E (Northern NSW) IFAA Championships

Laura Salter 181+216=397
Luke Caslick 205+224=429
Dylan Caslick 33+252=285
Sarah Edwards 198+277=475
Michael Sherwood 241+239=480
Timothy Salter 353+347=700
Brendon Salter 301+242=543
Drew Tuckett 272+254=526
Kurt Caslick 248+243=491
Tim Vigenser 324+373=697
Lee Taylor 357+383=740
Ben Hanrahan 377+410=787
Baydon Connerton 433+435=868
David Franklin 467+494=961
Alex Fulton 442+475=917
Mitchell Hood 403+427=830
Sherlenne Fulton 68+99=167
Cathie Munns 64+91=155
Fenny Thompson 219+255=474
Fran Martin 135+164=299
Narelle Bailey 118+69=187
Noeline Salter 229+213=442
Reyna Derrick 437+469=906
Penny Hayes 428+439=867
Barbara Vigenser 284+332=616
Lyn Fenby 379+354=733
Lynne Fairhall 453+466=919
Terry Caslick 180+212=392
Bruce Sherwood 294+328=622
Peter Watt 301+266=567
Michael Greenaway 219+222=441
Paul Courtenay 250+320=570
John Martin 265+304=569
Ed Hayes 467+464=931
Robin Huckett 390+432=822
Robert Salter 390+383=773
Chris Vigenser 303+322=625
Peter Franklin 499+511=1010
Damien Nicholls 466+482=948
Barney Miller 475+515=990
Keith Derrick 473+491=964
Jeff Jennings 452+473=925
Chris Younger 396+420=816
Bill Fenby 470+482=952
Andrew Martin 420+471=891
Adam Tilbrook 523+532=1055
Tom Munns 493+495=988
Gary Nichols 475+479=954
Jack Thompson 472+478=950

Monday, August 27, 2007


Avon Valley Field Archers IFAA 26/08/2007

A mild to warm day with no wind was perfect for an IFAA round. We shot the Wallaby range which is an IFAA hunter round. A small group of members participated along with students (and family) of the Hunter Academy of Sport.

Member's scores were

Peter Franklin 260+249=509
David Franklin 233+246=479
Barbara Vigenser 182+172=354
John Martin 148+139=287
Sarah Edwards 116+127=243
Drew Tuckett 122+128=250
Michael Greenaway 117+98=215

Next Saturday (1st. Sept.) is a working bee to finalise the preparations for the Branch IFAA shoot over the weekend of the 8th. and 9th. of September.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Avon Valley Field Archers ABA round 29 July

A great day weatherwise, with some occasional sunshine and no wind. We welcomed 12 team members/family from the Hunter Academy of Sport. With 15 club members it made one of the largest fields of the year.

Welcome to new members Sarah Edwards, Ernie Greatorex and David Prior.

The scores were good with Peter Fairhall, David Franklin, Peter Franklin, John Martin and Chris Vigenser returning their best ABA scores for the year so far.

Peter Franklin 384+394=778
Peter Fairhall 376+386=762
David Franklin 370+382=752
Lynne Fairhall 368+362=730
Ernie Greatorex 362+360=722
David Prior 360+320=680
Lee Taylor 320+290=610
John Martin 320+266=586
Andrew Martin 298+272=570
Chris Vigenser 306+248=554
Barbara Vigenser 274+236=510
Tim Vigenser 340+168=508 (retired hurt)
Sarah Edwards 290+174=464
Drew Tuckett 298+140=438
Michael Greenaway 248+164=412

Next meeting will be an IFAA round on Sunday 26th August, after a working bee on Saturday 25th.
There will be another working bee on Sept 1st, all in preparation for the IFAA Branch Titles on Sept 8th and 9th.

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